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Game Design

by tophathacker

I’m starting a game, and I’d like the group to get involved!

I’ll be using the XNA framework, you can get the XNA installer here but you need visual studio 2010 installed first and all the downloads are here. You should probably install c# 2010, but i think the ‘Express for windows phones’ might work too. If you want the full Visual Studio, talk to me in person about student pricing.

After you’ve got XNA installed, you can start playing around on your own with XNA and any of the tutorials at Riemers website will help you with that. If you want to download what I’m working on and help out, you’ll need to sign up with GitHub and go to the new Git repository for THE GAME and Fork the Repo. Next, download and install the newest version of Tortoise Git. That should install a git bash as well for some of the more complex commands. Once that’s done, you’ll want to set it up so you can pull from THE GAME repository you’ve forked, and there’s some more information at this website (or this website if you’re brave) to help guide you through that.

Once you’ve downloaded your own fork of THE GAME, start playing around with it and making changes. This is your own working copy so go nuts! when you do decide to contribute, if you’ve got something we just can’t live without, you’ll need to read through the help files on GitHub on Contributing and creating pull requests. That’s a little more involved, but we can cross that bridge when we get to it! I hope that anyone that wants to help isn’t turned away because they think it’s too hard, anyone can learn this stuff. Email me with any questions, post a comment if you need my email and I hope to see some serious forking in the near future!

If you’ve got any ideas on what you want the game to be, or how it should turn out, let me know! post in the forums here and give your input.

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One Response to Game Design

  1. buster0944 says:

    Just downloaded the XNA file, will be trying to look more into the forking later on tonight as I am going to be working on my mobile application for class first. Sorry to delay you and your game!

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