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Bullduino Project Roundup

by Toad

After some success and drawbacks this last weekend with our pneumatic Bullduino powered Red Bull cannon, it’s time to check in with the other makers, tinkerers, and inventors out there to see how they did.

Configuring hoses for the Bullduino Powered Cannon

Telepresence Zen Garden – Our friends over at Harford Hackerspace put together a zen garden that you can control via a web interface.  A CNC machine then transforms the drawing you do on the website into a zen drawing in the sand.

Blimpabullduino – Atomic Robotics built a blimp that will seek out the loudest person in the room and give them a kiss.

Turret-Mounted Predator laser – Over in Buffalo NY, our friends @ Buffalo Lab built a pip-boy style interface & body suit attachment with a turret-mounted Predator style laser.

Fully automated, pneumatic Can Dispenser, Drink Extractor, Drink Cooler, and Can Crushing machine – Kind of a mouthful, but the acronym of it isn’t much better.  Fortunately the machine is awesome.  One of our early ideas was simply a red bull opener. Glad we didn’t do that after seeing how badly we would have been crushed!  (no pun intended(?)  You decide!)

Romance Pants – When the zipper goes down the lights dim, candles light, and the mood music comes on.  Build From Instructables.

Redbull Random Number Game - Tom Bourke over at the Wausau Collaboration Center built a pub style random number game.  It reads from an old hard drive disk that you physically spin to create a random number.  Lights and sounds for the winner!

Redbull Validation Robot – Granted that might not be the real name of it, the project is pretty slick.  You feed an empty can into a robot which then validates it as being a redbull or not.  If not it is quickly rejected.  If it is a redbull can, the machine puffs our some smoke and lights and delivers a new one for you.

Better Fish Trap – This little project detects when you have a fish on the end of your line and plays a melody.  Presumably to wake you up so you can reel in the beast.  Although with all the beeps coming from your smartphone, you might actually need something a little more intense.

Hack a Day’s Cannon – We weren’t the only ones in town with an air powered RedBull Cannon.  Hack a Day produced an excellent cannon and parachutes to deploy the energy drinks.

School Desk Simon – In this project you sit down and play the simple memory game of Simon, although you really don’t want to get the buttons wrong!

Roller Coaster Simulator – Using footage of actual roller coasters, this maker has put together a virtual ride where the Bullduino controls the environment and syncs it to the video so it is like riding that actual roller coaster.

Alarm Clock – The LI4E Makerspace Project Team came up with a giant alarm clock that throws Red Bull at you, my kinda clock!

Did we miss your project?  Let me know in the comments below and I’ll add more Bullduino projects from the Redbull Creations 2012 contest.

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6 Responses to Bullduino Project Roundup

  1. superfro says:

    Nice compilation guys! hopefully the rbcreation folks are putting together a reel of all the submissions.

  2. Don’t forget our awesome Red Bull Wake Up Call alarm clock! http://youtu.be/TV-U-xYr1pU

    The LI4E Makerspace Project Team

  3. d3c4f says:

    Awesome list. Thanks for the kind words. I love how your launcher turned out! :)


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