Distributor Wanted

In order to expand business all over the world, we are seeking distributors to develop your local market together. Big support will be provided to help you facilitate your business

Distributor Wanted

In order to expand the business, we are now seeking distributors all over the world.


1) 2-3 years experiences in security, vehicle parking management or Pedestrian access control industry.

2) At least 5 staffs

3) Know local market well and have a specific marketing plan

4) Required Minimum sales amount of our products: US$20,000 First Year


Supports from SEWO Technology Co.,Ltd

1) Distributor’s name will be referred as our agent in local market. Online local traffic will 

be directed to distributors in first year.

2) Help distributors set up sales team and give training on products, marketing,installation and after sales services.

3) Provide marketing materials like leaflets,video,etc. For those who plan to promote “SEWO” brand in local market, related subsidy will be given to distributors.

4) Competitive Prices &  customer oriented after sales service

5) Other resources support.