SEWO-Y1-280 series

Automatic RFID Card Collecting System Flap Barrier Gate

Automatic RFID Card Collecting System Flap Barrier Gate

● Reliable and durable, low noise and stable operation

● Gate open automatically when power off to the request of fire protection,

● The wing gate installed Infrared sensor interfaces, could be expanded to Infrared testing function.

● Breakdown Self-checking and alarm indication, easy for maintenance and using; 

● Passage in both directions electronically controlled

● Automatically reset function

Key Specifications/Special Features


● Flap Barrier Wing Turnstile is designed to control pedestrian entering or exiting restricted areas, personal surveillance is recommended as the barrier can be breached. The ultra quiet retractable barriers allow for rapid pedestrian movement through the lane while the advanced optical sensors prevent "tailgating" and crawling by those without proper credentials.

●The barrier is available with two wing types, that are either a composition of a 20mm acrylic glass. With the use of soft wings the risk of injury or damage is minimized, even in the event of a visitor running into the closed retractable barrier. Furthermore, a significant increase of the opening and closing time can be achieved, resulting in a much better tail-gating behavior to reach to the customer's advantage.

● Flap Barrier Wing Turnstile is suitable for both indoor and outdoor(tent). It could be wildly used in the place where intelligentized management is needed such as station, port, subway, factory, mansion, intelligent community, hotel, club, marketplace, enterprise and institution etc.


Automatic RFID Card Collecting System Flap Barrier Gate      

Body Material

Overall dimension

Working Voltage


Control type


Rated Power


Working mode

arm length

Working temperature


Operating humidity

Housing material

Operation life

SUS(304#),thickness is no less than 1.5mm

Passing speed

Working voltage

Open style


Life time

Not less than 5,000,000 Times and above


TCP IP/RS485/RS232

Working Temperature


Relative Humidity5%-95%.    

No condensation

Turnstile accessories:

● Standard Flap Barrier Wing Turnstile Mechanism movement(Double movement)          

● Housing(304#stainless steel at 1.5mm)

● Standard Flap Barrier Wing Turnstile Control Board

● Power Supply DC24V/3A 

● Backup storage battery(Wing open when power off)

● Turnstile Traffic Indicator(standard assorted) 

● Turnstile Passage Status Lights

● Correlation Infrared(standard assorted 3 pairs)